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Where everything comes together - photo, video, typography, layout, color, user psychology.



This is one of the most immersive and engaging ways to tell your story.
It's definitely a team sport and when you have the right team it's all worth it.



Locations, Portraits, Composites, & Retouching


Print & Environmental

Advertising, Point of Sale, Trade Shows, & Billboards


Fortune Magazine ads, enterprise level e-commerce sites, story driven video productions, I’ve done it. Have a story to tell or a product/service to sell? I can help.


More About Me

Navigating the Creative Process

Define & Discover

Ask questions. Gain insights to your brand, your voice, and your audience. Ultimately, these are the most crucial connections to brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and reaching your business goals.

Concept & Create

This is where the metaphorical rubber meets the road. I take the newly discovered brand insights, customer knowledge, and project goals and requirements and mold them into a unique, relevant, and engaging sensory experiences.

Implement & Integrate

Roll it out! Integration with existing technologies, vendor distribution specifications, legacy systems, or campaign timelines. I understand, appreciate, and can help plan for these additional requirements.

Evaluate & Improve

Measuring is a key ingredient to the process. Did we accomplish the goals? What worked well? What can we change or improve? Evaluation leads to discovery… which brings us back to the beginning!

1. Goals

This is the most essential part of the creative formula. If we don’t know where we are going, how can we hope to get there? What are we trying to accomplish and how will success be measured?

2. Budget

The importance of a predetermined and accurate budget cannot be understated. Let’s work together to establish the budget in order to present creative options, resources, and timelines.

3. Audience

They have many labels Personas, Customer Journeys, Consumer Insights, Stakeholders. Essentially, I want to know who we are talking to and what motivates them; individually, culturally, socially?

 4. Time

Some types of creative work takes longer to execute than others. If I know the timeline at the outset, I can provide more informed and accurate guidance as to our creative options.

"I couldn't ask for a more innovative, forward-thinking, and true brand ambassador on my team! Chad is TRULY creative...his insight into our marketing efforts, creating, delivering and executing phenomenal ideas to enhance our presence and concepts beyond ALL expectations is an extreme asset to our team and our enterprise employer brand. And to top is all off, Chad is extremely great to work and collaborate with; his energy, professionalism, and industry intellect is consistent and continues to strengthen the entire team."

Miko Covin, Global Employer Branding and Marketing

"I have had the pleasure of working with Chad for the past 2 years and his ability to take every project to another level continues to amaze me. Chad's creative ability, coupled with his deep understanding of the brand, produces exemplary work time and time again! His strength in all executions: web design, print, online, video production and photography is second to none! Chad is a solutions-oriented Creative Director and a constant joy to work with!"

Alison Foy,Employer Branding Manager - The Home Depot

"Chad takes visions and turns them into vivid reality with his phenomenal marketing skills. With his executive marketing background from a Fortune 20 company alongside his entrepreneurial spirit, Chad excels at taking on challenges with a corporate understanding while his sleeves remain rolled-up and his sharp mind fully engaged. He is an outstanding director of marketing that understands the 360 degree spectrum his actions affect and he is never shy to voice his opinion offering valuable insights."

Joe Leader,Chief Executive Officer at APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association)

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