The Customer

Take2 Games is one of the largest video game producers in the United States. They are the parent to companies like 2k Games, Rockstar, Private Division, and Social Point. They are publicly traded, generate $3 Billion in revenue each year, and have 5,214 employees around the world.

They have offices in New York, Singapore, California, and England. They are well known for games like 2k NBA, Grand Theft Auto, Civilization, Borderlands, Red Dead Redemption, Madden NFL, an a series of successful mobile social game titles.

The Platform

They chose ServiceNow, as their process management and knowledge platform, to drive organizational, operational, and technical change and asked our agency to help define the enterprise user experience for this new tool being rolled out across the companies and locations.

The Challenge

Consolidation and Communication

Our goal was to consolidate technology operations across divisions as well as consolidate specific technology tools across departments. That is, the goals were to simultaneously bring multiple brands under one technology platform, while also expanding the reach and functionality of the ServiceNow experience to many departments.

Awareness and Adoption

Their user base primarily used e-mail and phone to solicit technical information, submit requests and track progress of requests. The goal was to build enough foundational functionality to start driving the majority of use cases to the the services portal.

Definition and Organization

I facilitated content creation with stakeholders throughout the organization in order to create a catalog of services to be surfaced on the portal. I helped them understand the value proposition of the new tool and, once they created content, I organized it into a cohesive taxonomy.

Users & Audience

Their user-base consists of corporate employees, across multiple business units, in various locations around the world. At a minimum, users from each business unit (Take2, 2K, RockStar, etc.) would see segmented branding, catalog of services, and knowledge base.

In terms of user expectations, users generally

  • Search & Request a product or service that is fulfilled by another department,
  • Report to another department something has gone wrong, or
  • Consume information to resolve something themselves or share with someone else.

Roles and Responsibilities

I was responsible for:

  • Research & Discovery Sessions
  • Stakeholder Education
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • High Fidelity Design Direction
  • Onboarding Script

Information Architecture

Information Architecture and Taxonomy

I conducted a series of on-site workshops to educate and facilitate content creation exercises utilizing the new platform and administration constraints. We took a consumer-like ecommerce approach with the stakeholders acting as suppliers, defining their own service offerings to be included on the portal.

In addition to the service catalog, I guided them through Knowledge Base, knowledge article, and taxonomy exercises. The knowledge articles encourage users to help themselves whenever possible rather than submitting service requests.

Based on data gathered from these workshops, I created a recommended hierarchical taxonomy for their catalog of services and a separate taxonomy for their knowledge base.