EZGov.uk enables British citizens to easily interface with various government agencies and services around the country. The goal of this project was to create a cloud-based personal data storage for each citizen and an intuitive, engaging, streamlined, easy-to-use process for finding and applying to health services.

Problem statement

UK Citizens faced significant problems applying to and managing social support services at their local councils and national government support services. Filling out forms was very time consuming and repetitive and often they had to manually resubmit the same information to different government agencies. Most government agencies still had paper-based or PDF applications that the applicant needed to fill out and deliver directly to each individual agency.

The agency admins would then manually enter the application information into a database. They managed segmented individual data silos which made sharing and tracking services for citizens across agencies very difficult, cumbersome, and inefficient.

How Can We?

“How can we leverage technology to improve the individuals experience in returning to work (back to their current employer) after a major life changing event or episode? For instance, bereavement, illness, disability etc.”

Users and audience

Potential users covered a broad demographic range. We paid special attention to designing for at-risk groups, likely to be requesting special services, requiring the highest levels of accessibility standards.

Users frequently had complex or lengthy medical histories, requiring significant and repetitive data entry for collecting history as part of application processes.

Scope and constraints

Required consolidated data and information architecture from multiple databases, agencies, and forms into one central data source, information architecture and user experience.

Process and What I Did

I managed a team of ux and ui designers, interfaced with the client throughout research, discovery, and design strategy, worked closely with engagement management and the engineering team to understand the technical constraints.

Industry Research & Analysis

Performed industry analysis to identify best practices for breaking down complex application processes, Including Turbo Tax, Wells Fargo Mortgage Application, and Fidelity Brokerage Account Application.

User Journey Definition

Defined user journeys and process flows to support the complex technical constraints and information architecture.

Information Architecture

Compiled and analyzed multiple lengthy pdf-based forms from various health agencies. Leveraged concepts of progress tracking, guideposts, and milestones to add transparency and orientation to the application experience. We also leveraged interstitial screens to “celebrate” completion of specific sections as well as disguise server-side data processes that would typically cause delays. By doing this, the user wouldn’t feel overwhelmed and could easily track their progress.

Content Design

Wrote copy to facilitate transitions, celebrate milestones via success screens, and application completion.


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