Target and Challenge

This was a passion project. Leading tour operator apps lacked intuitive user experience, key features to facilitate the scheduling process, efficient credit card processing, and and tour check-in and mobile communications. The goal was to give operators an easy to use, full featured, modern, tool to manage schedules, process payment transactions, and customize reporting that was equally functional on mobile and desktop devices.

Competitive Analysis

I did industry analysis of competing apps. I selected 3 leaders and set up guided product demonstrations. I compiled detailed findings of key benefits and shortcomings of each product and created a feature comparison matrix.

User Research

I also conducted field research in the form of a series of qualitative user interviews with small tour operators in multiple sates, covering a wide variety of tour types – surfing, kayaking, hiking, fishing, and skiing – to determine their priorities and pain points. From the research and analysis, I developed information architecture, features, and user journeys.

Product Requirements

Next, I created a comprehensive feature requirements doc and a prioritized phased approach to feature rollout based on a minimum viable product methodology. General requirement categories include:

  • Scheduling & Booking
  • Payment Processing
  • Customer Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Communications
  • Mobile First
  • Existing Website Integration

Example Wireframe Flow

Booking and Payment Processing Flow

Fonts & Colors


Design Examples