Board Certified Creative Ninja, Guru, Maven, Wizard, Rock Star, Jedi... Or just Dude if you're into the whole brevity thing.

August 11, 2018 in Branding

You May Pick Two

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August 11, 2018 in Branding

What is a Brand?

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August 11, 2018 in Branding

Understanding the Creative Process

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January 7, 2018 in Branding

How to Build a Brand from the Ground Up: A Primer

A brand is a company’s very identity. It’s the functional and aesthetic presence of the abstract concept that is your company. It’s importance cannot be overstated because it is also…
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I have over 15 years of multi-discipline design and creative leadership experience. I’m passionate about creative people, strategy, and process, about story telling, and being a customer advocate.

I pride myself on being able to work with marketing and branding professionals to understand their brand goals and strategies, and translate them into original, authentic, and engaging brand experiences that create customer awareness, equity, and loyalty. I’m a hands-on creative who leads by identifying and empowering knowledgeable and talented creatives to drive innovation, and produce measurable results.

What I Do
  • Art Direction
  • Creative Strategy
  • User Interface Design
  • Video Production and Editing
  • Photography
  • Leadership
  • Budget Management
  • Communications
  • Presentation
  • Have fun