The Challenge

The goal was to raise awareness and engagement for the technology culture and opportunities at The Home Depot. Our strategy was to showcase the depth, scale, and variety of technology offerings and provide frequent big accomplishment updates. We conducted a number of focus groups to identify motivating factors and benefits. We decided to focus on innovation, national reach of projects, career aspirations, geographic distribution of tech hubs, culture, values, and diversity.


UX Strategy and Direction
Photography & Video Management
Dev Management

R & D

Tech Recruiters
Tech Dept. Heads
Branding Team
Talent Acquisition


Highly Technical
National Reach and Impact


Microsite Experience
Video and Photographic Assets
Tech Recruiting Brand Guide

Identifying Audience and Content Requirements

Next we identified and met with all internal technology stakeholders in order to establish the goals and content requirements. From those meetings we established the following content requirements:

  • Specific Tech Job Categories
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Blog Section for Frequent Tech Updates
  • THD  Tech Differentiators
  • Tech Locations and Tech “Startup” Visual Language
  • Career Paths

Additional Requirements

Once we identified stakeholder requirements, we met internally to discuss creative channels and technology options to best deliver the messages. From those meetings we outlined the following additional requirements:

  • Flexible/Modular Component UI – easily add, remove, update sections
  • API Integration – for auto-updating job postings for each tech category
  • Tech “Startup” style photography
  • Tech specific color palette, iconography, etc.

Blog and Social Media Integration

I designed a blog to provide a vehicle for continuous updates on tech projects and achievements throughout the organization. I recommended a content management system to enable frequent and efficient content owner updates. I integrated icon design with the thumbnails to improve usability and category recognition. I worked with the dev team to add social media sharing integration as well. Based on focus groups and stakeholder discovery sessions, I created blog categories to improve content discovery and navigation.

  • Events
  • New Tech
  • Functions
  • Recognition
  • Our Stories

Photography and Video Shoots

We needed to create new photography assets for the page. I was responsible for:

  • Creative Brief
  • Budgets & Timelines
  • Securing Cast & Crew
  • Location Scouting
  • Production Schedule
  • Photography & Retouching