I am passionate about:

  • Delivering unique, innovative, and engaging creative solutions
  • Collaborating with awe inspiring talent to produce inspired work
  • Guiding the creative process – strategy, planning, and execution

I pride myself on being able to work with marketing and branding professionals to understand their goals,  and translate that visually into experiences that create customer awareness, equity, and loyalty.

Or, to put it in non-marketing terms, I use creative to connect with people; to excite, entertain, and inform. What’s your story? Let’s tell it in an authentic, unique, and engaging way.





Wide Range of Experience

User Experience Design & Direction

Creative Direction


Photo Retouching



Video Production & Post Production

Social Campaigns

Print Design

More than a Creative

Communication & Collaboration

This is essential in business, but it is exponentially more important in the business of creativity. Creative can be a very subjective experience. The importance of hearing and conveying expectations, motivations, intentions, etc. becomes magnified in a collaborative creative setting.

Problem Solving

How do we best communicate with the audience? How do we complete this project on time? How do we accomplish the stated goals of this marketing strategy? Professional creativity is about knowing how to use creative to solve business problems.


Being a competent creative professional means more than having big ideas. It means finding amazing creative solutions that fit within predefined criteria like budgets, timelines, brand standards, and other creative resources. I call it pragmatic idealism.


Perspective, best practices, innovation, efficiency, communication, inspiration. I am a servant leader with a lead from the front philosophy. Finding and keeping the best people is a complex and sometimes daunting process. It starts and ends with meaningful relationships. Take care of your people and they’ll take care of you.

 Customer Service

I get hired not just based on my creative abilities, but on my ability to listen to your needs, to keep you in the loop throughout the process, to provide constructive feedback, and to maintain composure and provide solutions when things don’t go as planned.

 Creative Strategy

Every successful creative execution starts with strategic ideas and innovative thinking to meet market changes, researching business objectives, assessing the competitive landscape, keeping up with creative industry trends, and supporting strategic plans.